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Sunday, June 22, 2008

2008 Freestyle Nationals Winners - Congratulations!

Results for the 2008 Freestyle Kayaking National Championships: Congratulations, all! Stay tuned to see which of these winning athletes will represent the US in the three upcoming World Cup events in Europe.

Men’s Pro Finals

1.Stephen Wright
2.Eric Jackson
3.Nick Troutman (Canadian)
4.Dustin Urban
5.Clay Wright
6.Jed Selby
7.Bryan Kirk
8.Kelsey Thompson (Canadian)
9.Andrew Holcombe
10.Alex Mohn

Women’s Pro Finals
1.Emily Jackson
2.Adrienne Levknecht
3.Nicole Mansfield
4.Eleanor Perry
5.Jessie Stone
6.Elaine Cambell
7.Kat Levitt
8.Devon Barker

Expert Men Finals
1.Daniel Stewart
2.Tommy Yon
3.Chris Wing
4.Sam Fullbright
5.Dustin Stoenner

Expert Women’s Finals
1.Jaime Goode
2.Haley Mills
3.Claire Jencks

JR Women Finals
1.Lauren Burress

JR Men Finals
1.Dane Jackson
2.Jason Craig
3.Jonathan Shales

Beginner/Sport Men
1.Ben Peters
2.Matthew Donnely
3.David Meyers
4.Scott Butler
5.Tyler Hinton

Beginner/Sport Women
1.Rebecca Cranor
2.Hannah Kertusz
3.Adrienne Prosser
4.Sarah Cranor

1.Alex Voorhees
2.Alex Dunn
3.Simon Holden
4.Cully Brown
5.Wurl Kincaid
6.Jack Haymen
7.Nico Torozzi
8.Paul Palmer
9.Sage Donelly
10.JP Griffith


Channel said...

Good luck at worlds everyone!

Channel said...

Good luck at worlds everyone!