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Monday, October 8, 2007

Freestyle Committee Elections results

Election Meeting- Thank you all so much for coming to the meeting at the ASCI in Maryland the weekend of September 28-30th. It is up to us athletes to move our sport forward. Thanks for being part of the movement.

Election Results:

Chair & overseeing Rules Committee- Risa Shimoda
The Chair is responsible for herding the committee cats to meet our goals for the year and representing the committee to USA Canoe and Kayak and the International Freestyle Committee.
Rules Committee- Clay Wright *This committee is to make sure our rules for moves and the point values continue to lead freestyle and move the sport forward.

Vice Chair & overseeing Excel Scoring Committee- Matt Solomon *This committee is charged with developing a grassroots network of event workers (volunteer and paid staff) trained how to use the current scoring system. Matt will work with Kristine Jackson to help train individuals in the program. We need volunteers. At upcoming events we need recruit for those interested in being trained - this is open to all supporters, not just athletes.

Treasurer & overseeing Fundraising Committee- Brian Jennings
*This position will work with USACK and supporters of USA Freestyle Kayak Association to secure funds for team that augments the sponsorship secured by the event planners.

Newsletter/Ranking Editor- Jeremy Laucks & Devon Barker
*This position will update the blogs, website, and send out the newsletter to the list serve.
Events & Program Coordinator- Eleanor Perry & Emily Jackson
*This position will establish the annual schedule of events (some may be sanctioned, some listed for scheduling and travel-planning only) and will provide this information to Newsletter/Ranking Editors so they can inform you of all the upcoming freestyle events.

Athlete Representative- Brian Kirk, Andrew Holcombe, & Morgan Tidd (Jr. Rep.)
*These representatives are your link to the committee. Please talk with them and let them know how you want to help.

Media Contacts- Clay Wright & Andrew Holcombe
*They will field media questions regarding team activities.

Boater Cross & PA Organizer- Corey Volt
*This position will develop boater cross as a companion events at the freestyle competitions, explore how extreme creek racing can partner with freestyle and staff the PA to update all athletes about important information at the events.
Team Manager- to be elected by Freestyle Committee

Websites & Blog
Freestyle Committee Blog
USA Canoe Kayak website-Freestyle page

Email- please let everyone know they can join this list serve for email updates from the Freestyle Committee by emailing Devon Barker at We will be informing every one of upcoming events and important information regarding freestyle kayaking in USA.

Freestyle Nationals Results

Amateur Women
1 Paige Teegarden
2 Tracey Kulesa
3 Michele Gasper

Amateur Men
1 Andrew Robinson
2 Chris Lee
3 Chris Poli
4 Chris Wing
5 Horace Holden
6 Noah Sunflower

Junior Women
1 Morgan Tidd
2 Lauren Burress
3 Charlotte Hardie

Junior Men
1 Dane Jackson
2 Michael Palmer
3 Jason Craig
4 Max Lentz
5 Eli Spiegel
6 Daniel Stewart
7 Matthew West
8 David Ruhle
9 Isaac Holden
10 Jonny Cochran
11 Sam Fulbright
12 Nate Garcia
13 Davis Grove
14 Skyler Mavor
15 Chad Skogsdad
16 Ben Hurd
17 Sean Johnson

OC-1 Results
1 Eli Helbert
2 Jeremy Laucks
3 Dooley Tombras

1 Seth Chapelle
2 Jordan Poffenberger
3 Dane Jackson
4 Jeremy Laucks
5 Thomas Lucier

Womens Pro
1 Emily Jackson
2 Eleanor Perry
3 Tanya Shuman
4 Devon Barker
5 Elaine Campbell

Mens Pro
1 Stephen Wright
2 Eric Jackson
3 Jay Kincaid
4 Andrew Holcombe
5 Bryan Kirk
6 Jared Sieler
7 Clay Wright
8 Brian Jennings
9 Alex Mohn
10 Corey Volt
11 Matt Fithian
12 Adam Johnson
13 David Fusilli
14 Jesse Shimrock
15 David Spiegel
16 Billy Boylan
17 Tino Specht
18 Jeremy Laucks
19 GrahamSieler
20 Billy Malesky
21 Josh Bechtel
22 Aaron Reimer
23 Joe Potoczak
24 Dave Zinn
25 Jake Greenbaum
26 Nathan St. Savious

Womens Boatercross
1 Eleanor Perry
2 Emily Jackson
3 Tanya Shuman

Mens Boatercross
1 Issac Levinson
2 Jesse Shimrock
3 Nick Troutman

1 Jeremy Laucks
2 Risa Shimoda
3 Brian Jennings

Video of the event courtesy of Bill Kirby