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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Congratulations to the 2008 US World Cup team

The US team competed well during the 2008 World Cup. Overall results for the team are as follows:

Men K-1
3 Dustin Urban
5 Eric Jackson
6 Stephen Wright
13 Jed Selby
15 Clay Wright

Women K-1
1 Emily Jackson
9 Adriene Levknecht
10 Devon Barker USA
11 Jessie Stone USA
13 Nicole Mansfield USA

Junior Men K-1
2 Jason Craig USA
3 Michael Palmer USA
4 Dane Jackson USA
8 Jonathan Shales USA

5 Dane Jackson

Photos courtesy of Devon Barker

Sunday, July 6, 2008

US Team for World Cup

The US Team for the 2008 World Cup was chosen through a combination of results from the 2007 and 2008 US Nationals. For more information on the 2008 World Cup, see

Stephen Wright
Eric Jackson
Dustin Urban
Jed Selby
Clay Wright
Emily Jackson
Nicole Mansfield
Adriene Levknecht
Devon Barker
Jessie Stone
Dane Jackson
Michael Parker, Jr.
Jonathan Shales
Jason Craig

Lauren Burress  

Dane Jackson
Jordan Poffenberger

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Physician Coverage

First of all, I would like to thank Risa for her help in making this happen. Also, having been a boater for over 25 years now, I would like to express how excited I am to support the team.

Being in sports medicine/orthopaedic surgery for the last 6 years, I know how important it is for a team and its athletes to have access to medical care. In addition, knowledge about strength training, injury prevention, and flexibility is vital to performance of the athlete. Most of you guys are familiar with this stuff but maybe there are still some things to learn. I would like to make posts every so often covering one of these topics and tailor them for freestyle kayaking.

In addition, I want to make myself available for medical issues. This could be related to an injury, whether something recent or from overuse, or a training or nutrition issue. Also, we have physical therapists available for consultation who are great for nonsurgical management of problems. It is my hope that none of you need any help, but if you do I'm here for you guys. My contact information is listed below. Please don't hesitate to be in touch.

Good luck,


W. Eric MacLeod, MD
404-931-6160 (c)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

2008 Freestyle Nationals Winners - Congratulations!

Results for the 2008 Freestyle Kayaking National Championships: Congratulations, all! Stay tuned to see which of these winning athletes will represent the US in the three upcoming World Cup events in Europe.

Men’s Pro Finals

1.Stephen Wright
2.Eric Jackson
3.Nick Troutman (Canadian)
4.Dustin Urban
5.Clay Wright
6.Jed Selby
7.Bryan Kirk
8.Kelsey Thompson (Canadian)
9.Andrew Holcombe
10.Alex Mohn

Women’s Pro Finals
1.Emily Jackson
2.Adrienne Levknecht
3.Nicole Mansfield
4.Eleanor Perry
5.Jessie Stone
6.Elaine Cambell
7.Kat Levitt
8.Devon Barker

Expert Men Finals
1.Daniel Stewart
2.Tommy Yon
3.Chris Wing
4.Sam Fullbright
5.Dustin Stoenner

Expert Women’s Finals
1.Jaime Goode
2.Haley Mills
3.Claire Jencks

JR Women Finals
1.Lauren Burress

JR Men Finals
1.Dane Jackson
2.Jason Craig
3.Jonathan Shales

Beginner/Sport Men
1.Ben Peters
2.Matthew Donnely
3.David Meyers
4.Scott Butler
5.Tyler Hinton

Beginner/Sport Women
1.Rebecca Cranor
2.Hannah Kertusz
3.Adrienne Prosser
4.Sarah Cranor

1.Alex Voorhees
2.Alex Dunn
3.Simon Holden
4.Cully Brown
5.Wurl Kincaid
6.Jack Haymen
7.Nico Torozzi
8.Paul Palmer
9.Sage Donelly
10.JP Griffith

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2009 Team Trials Awarded to City of Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs has been chosen to host the 2009 Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials. The USA Freestyle Kayaking Committee made the site decision June 12 prior to the Freestyle Nationals, after evaluating bids submitted by Glenwood Springs, Watertown, NY and Missoula, MT.

Glenwood Springs is the home of an extremely popular new engineered river park with features available at a wide range of flows - a key attribute and factor in the award decision. While the town has not held major whitewater events in the past its whitewater park advocates are stepping up to the task by forming organizing committee. We look forward to keeping you updated on their progress and news about the event (e.g., the timeframe) as it unfolds!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Competitors in the Freestyle Nationals 2008

If you are planning to compete in the Freestyle Nationals event you must be a USACK member. Here’s the place to inquire or renew your membership. Adults $55/yr., juniors(under 18) $25/yr.

You can join just for the event for $10, too!

BRING YOUR USACK NUMBER WITH YOU or a receipt of your membership renewal confirmation, or your score may not be counted in the Nationals competition.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

2008 BV Pro Rodeo Results

Men K-1
1 Dustin Urban
2 Nick Troutman
3 Dane Jackson
4 Jonathan Shales
5 Jason Craig
6 Greg Parker
7 Stephen Wright
8 Bryan Kirk
9 Jed Selby
10 Eric Jackson
11 Jeremy Laucks
12 Jonny Meyers
13 Jake Greenbaum
14 Corey Volt
15 Clay Wright
16 Andrew Holcombe
17 Billy-Bob Malesky
18 Dan Gavere
19 Dave Fusilli
20 Jared Seiler
21 Chad Hixon
22 Graham Seiler

Women K-1
1 Emily Jackson
2 Ruth Gordon
3 Katie Selby-Urban
4 Brooke Bevin
5 Lauren Burress

Thursday, May 15, 2008

USAFK accepting bids for 2009 team trials.

USA Freestyle kayaking is accepting bids for hosting Team Trials for the 2009 World Championships.

1: Team Trials must be held no later than May 1, 2009. Fall 2008 is acceptable.
2: Team Trials must be held on a Wave feature, similar to the wave in Thun (see video here)
3: The site must be accessible for Judges/competitors/spectators
4: The site must have reliable/predictable waterlevels
5: The event must use use of sanctioned ICF judging and scoring guidelines (what is current and approved or acknowledged as likely to be used at the Worlds).
6: Results from the event must be posted online within 24 hours of the event and a follow up summary to provide feedback to USAFK what can be learned and utilized for the next Team Trials event.

Bids should include a description of the site and feature (photos and/or video are helpful), water level information, proposed schedule, and any other information that may aid the committee in site selection.

Bids should be submitted via email to Jeremy Laucks ( no later than midnight of June 4, 2008. A decision will be made during the committee meeting during US Freestyle Nationals (June 12th). Any questions or comments should also be directed to Jeremy Laucks

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Judges needed for Lyons Outdoor Games

Lyons Outdoor Games will be held May 30-June 1 in Lyons Colorado. Qualified judges are needed for the Freestyle event. If you're planning on being in Lyons and aren't going to be competing and would be willing to Judge, please contact Matt Solomon.

Monday, May 5, 2008

USAFK Sanctioning Guidelines

Guidelines for Sanctioned Events - 2009

The following illustrates the intention of the USA Freestyle Kayaking Committee to create a skeleton for the Freestyle body. We're trying to balance the structure that we need to provide consistency for athletes and sponsors with flexibility that will encourage even cadets and squirt boaters to participate. Thanks to all who are contributing to this effort!


1- The event must include Men’s and Women’s Pro and Junior Kayak classes as part of the competition; other classes such as C1, OC1, Squirt, Cadet, and Amateur are optional.

2- The event is strongly encouraged to include a downriver, boater-cross or a creek race.

3- The event must utilize ICF Freestyle and Squirt rules for both event procedure (e.g., number of judges) and scoring (not applicable for boatercross, creek, etc.) as posted and otherwise available from USAFK and USA Canoe Kayak. Variances will be stated in writing by the USAFK (e.g., pending updates by ICF that are already being implemented by the US and other countries). Submit requests for variances in writing and for approved by the USAFK prior to the close of event registration

4- Cash prizes will be awarded for a minimum of Top 3 places in both Men’s and Women’s Pro Level events.

5- A minimum of three (3) USAFK approved judges and one (1) administrator will be paid according to USAFK recommendations for duration of the event for all Pro and Junior classes. The USAFK recommends, but does not require, the use of a Head Judge.

6- The event will provide three experienced and/or approved scribes.

7- Squirt judges and/or scribes may be hired for their specific expertise.

8- Event scribes will use USAFK approved scribe sheets and scoring systems.


9- The event website will link to the USAFK site. Website links and use the USAFK logo and name must be prior approved. Non-sanctioned events may not use the USAFK logo.

10- Competition classes, rules, requirements, and registration information for events must be posted at least one month before the first registration deadline on the USAFK website and any printed material.

11- Provide event location directions and lodging information to the USAFK to post and share with the kayak community.

12- Provide event results to the USAFK for posting within 24 hours of completion of event.


13 - The USAFK seeks revenue and cost sharing such that the event enhances the value of the host city and site, and the competitors are able to experience the highest quality competitive experience possible. Partnership proposals are welcome

Events Interested in Hosting a Nationals or Team Trials Event

1- Provide the request two (2) years prior to the event year (i.e., apply in 2009 for 2011).

2- Host a USAFK sanctioned event prior to the request submission and must have met all requirements at that time.

3- Show the event has predictable, adequate water flow and quality for training.

4- The host city must provide a plan or set of options for lodging or camping for participants and spectators.

5- If request is for Team Trials, the venue must have a feature similar in nature to the World’s feature for the following year.

6- The event will provide for ALL classes: Pro M/W, Junior M/W, C1,OC1 and Squirt.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

World Cup info

Dear Competitors,

There is a slight chance that we will have to limit the entries for the World Cup this August in Europe. The USA Freestyle Kayaking board voted on the selection numbers below.

Salida, Colorado will hold the 2008 Nationals. We might not know until after this event if there will be a limit on team numbers. Be sure to come to 2008 Nationals if you want to go to the World Cup, as selections will be made there if the restrictions to 15 are put in place. Contact Risa Shimoda if you qualified at 2007 Nationals to verify if you are planning on attending the World Cup or not.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact USKA. As soon as we have more information we will send it out to you and post it on

Nationals 2007 (7) Nationals 2008 (9) Total (15)

K1 3 2 5

K1W 1 2 3

K1Jr. 2 2 4

K1WJr. 0 1 1

OC1 0 1 1

C1 0 1 1

*Replacements will come from Nationals 2008 for Nationals 2007 people who cannot make it or for people who place at Nationals 2008 and cannot go.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thun Video

Here's some video from the Thun Wave, site of the 2009 World Championships