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Friday, November 30, 2007

November Newsletter

Freestyle is a USACK Discipline
Freestyle is now a recognized discipline of USACK, having submitted our approved Bylaws and elected officer roster to Chris Hipgrave, USACK Director of High Performance Sport (thanks go to Jeremy Laucks for having prepared these for approval this year!). Chris presented them to the Board of Directors at their recent meeting. Recognition doesn’t change our plans, but DOES allow us to have a voice in USACK governance. Freestyle Committee members will have opportunities to participate as time goes on.

2008 Nationals: after considerable discussion among committee members, we have approached FIBARK organizational leaders to consider hosting the Freestyle Nationals next year. We to work out what our responsibility will be to make this happen, but are optimistic that it will work out.

Key to our success will be an ability to create a strong judging/scribing staff that relieves our dependence on participating athletes. That means we’ll need to 1) recruit qualified, dependable judges and 2) raise the funds to pay them - as we did this year. We may not meet the objective totally this year, but will give it try under the leadership of Matt Solomon and Clay Wright, judging and scoring committee leaders, respectively.

Risa Shimoda
USACK Freestyle Committee

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