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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

US Freestyle Nationals, Sept 28-29

US Freestyle Nationals will be held Sept 28-29 at Adventure Sports Center International in Deep Creek, MD. See the ASCI website or watch this space for more information


Debra said...

Where can we find results of Freestyle Nationals?

Ned Poffenberger said...

Better, yet, could the Freestyle Nationals results, with scores be posted (and where?) Great job to all of those individuals who put in so much volunteer time to make the event happen. Jordan and I had a great time. The "real time" re-seeding of the competitors in the final was great -- kudos to Kristine Jackson for living with that stress level. Have a great fall and winter.

Ned Poffenberger said...

Results can be found on the Jackson Kayak website.. Look for Freestyle Nationals Results